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Pro Accounting Sweden AB is the accounting firm that provides personal service on accounting and payroll. 

The owner Ulrika has more than  30 years of experience in accounting services such as accounting, reconciliation, payroll, taxes, budget etc.

Concentrating on what you are best at, that is to say your business concept, is the most effective and efficient way to run your business. It is often best to outsource tasks that lie beyond your core activities and take up valuable time. Many companies engage the services of an external accountants or payroll administrators as the most economical way to receive high quality financial services. Additional benefits are that you only pay for the time we work and can gain a clear picture of accounting costs.

Let us help you!

Ulrika Landqvist


Listed below is a summary of the accounting services and other administrative services that we offer.

  • Bookkeeping 

  • Project accounts, such as for architect's offices and advertising agencies working simultaneously on a number of projects 

  • Reconciliation 

  • Invoicing with an accounts receivable ledger and payment monitoring. 

  • Accounts payable with an accounts payable ledger. 

  • Tax payments directly via bank or postal giro 

  • Tax returns 

  • Balance sheets and profit and loss accounts 

  • Budget and liquidity planning 

  • Tax returns 

  • Annual accounts/annual report


Listed below is a summary of the payroll services we offer.

  • Monthly services 

  • Salary preparation. 

  • Administration of travelling expense accounts. 

  • Payment of wages via modem directly to BGC. 

  • Journal vouchers. 

  • Records for tax returns. 

  • Administration of company cars, i.e. car and other benefits 

  • Reports in Word, Excel or PDF format 

  • Other services 

  • Income statements to the tax authority and employees 

  • Inquiries to CSR (central tax register) 

  • Records for FORA/AMF reports 

  • Holiday allowance calculations at the start of each new holiday year 

  • Administration of employer's reports 

  • Printout of employment contracts 

  • SAF and SCB statistics 

  • Possibility for employees to submit inquiries regarding their salary

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